sell your 3DT


One thousand 3DT tokens are worth 60 hours of our network’s Robotic Workforce, which means 1.5 Kilos of finished bio-plastic 3D-printed output – this Spring 2018, this actually translates into 1.5 Kilos of q3d’s component pieces.

Our buy-back mechanism is designed, first, to acquire the robotic-workforce hours needed by the 3D printing hubs to just-in-time match the demand for q3d; and second, to keep the 3DT token’s value stable at the fiat price of $ 0.40.

The cost of each q3d compounds $25 in feedstock, plus robotic workforce (acquired in the guise of 3DT tokens), plus human labor, plus the hardware and software that turn the lamp into a 3D printer. Therefore:

For every five q3d sent to the donors to our online community-building campaign, we can commit to placing a bid of 250 3DT against $ 100 on Rektex Exchange.

In other words, we’ll buy 250 3DT tokens for $ 0.40 each on Rektex Exchange.

A quick guide to the RektEx decentralized exchange is found here: