Blockchain (based) Factory 4.0 

Our Project in Brief


Token Sale


If you wish to invest 10 ETH or more please CONTACT US for a personalized offer and assistance in exchanging USD/ETH.


From 18.12.2017 to 31.12.2017

Soft Cap Reached + 1 Mil. $ Raised


ICO Step 1

From 01.01.2018 to 14.01.2018

40% Bonus

  • 1 3DT = 0.29 USD
  • (min 3 ETH)

ICO Step 2

From 15.01.2018 to 28.01.2018

30% Bonus

  • 1 3DT = 0.31 USD
  • (min 2 ETH)

Token Allocation

The total tokens issued are 200 million of 3D-Token (3DT). 150 million are offered for Sale, while the remaining 50 million are allocated as follows: 4.5 million to reward Participant according to the milestones achieved by the Project, 0.5 milion for marketing and 45 million are intended for the Trust/Team and frozen for 2 years after the Token Generation/Sale Period. Any unsold token, of those intended for sale, will be frozen for 5 years. Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions.

  Terms and Conditions

How to use your 3DT???

(***1,000 3DT correspond to 60 hours of “Network Robots’ Workforce” that means 1.5 Kg of finished bio-plastic product.) 

Trade 3DT on several Exchanges (this option will be added after the end of the ICO) 

Keep 3DT in your wallet and receive profits’ share from the Network directly to it

Sell 3DT to the Network at 0.40$ each and make a profit on token price 

Invest 3DT in crowdfunded projects  

Hold 3DT until the IPO and be granted of Company’s stock market listed shares at a conversion rate t.b.c. (**subject to a successful IPO)

Our Team

Paolo Pandolfi

Founder & CEO

Alessandro Chiolerio

Founder & CEO

Vincenzo Guarnieri

Hon. Chairman

Emanuele Fogazzotto

ICO Marketing Manager

Marcello Prisco

Integration Specialist

Alessandra Rosa

Marketing & PR Manager

Paola Martino

HR & Chemical

Elisabetta Rosolen

International Project Coordinator

Marco Cotto

Technology Specialist

Riccardo Dardano

Integration Specialist

Jessica Barolo

Executive Assistant

Sonia Matera

Admin Stagist

Mattia Palombella


Simone Paschetto

Network Development Manager

Raffaele Spina

Project Partner

Pietro Giuliano

Project Partner

Sergio Schiavi

Account Manager

Daniele Passamonte

Project Partner

Our Advisors

Kimberly Liu

Asian Market Advisor

Abil Asvarov

Scientific Advisor

Gian Balsamo

Strategy Advisor


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